Product data


1:Quad Core/Commercial grade

2:Allwinner R16

3:Cortex-A7,1.2 GHZ

4:16-bit DDR3/DDR3L ,Up to 2GB

5:4GB eMMC

product detail:

MY-R16-CB166 Introduction

MY-R16-CB166 is an embedded core control module developed by our company based on the design of full log R16 application processor.The core plate is connected with a stamp hole.

MY-R16-CB166 View

Front view

MY-R16-CB166 1 .png

Rear view

MY-R16-CB166 2.png

MY-R16-CB166 Size

42.4mm * 45.4mm

MY-R16-CB166 3.png

R16 processor introduction

Block diagram and basic specifications

Block diagram

MY-R16-CB166 4.png


MY-R16-EK166 is a low-power, high-performance and scalable application development board that we are fully committed to. It is highly competitive in terms of flexibility, system performance and energy efficiency.
MY-R16-CB166 adopted the most cost-effective quad-core processor CortexTM - A7 architecture, Mali carrying 400 MP2 graphics processing unit, a support 1080 p hd video processing and playback, the largest support 1280 x 800 resolution screen, support 5 million megapixel camera, support the USB2.0 interface.Beautiful color display system, excellent display effect.


  • Quad-core Cortex?-A7,main frequency 1.2 GHZ

  • 256KB L1 Cache,512KB L2 Cache

  • 16-bit DDR3/DDR3L ,Up to 2GB

  • Supports 8-bit NAND Flash controller

  • LVDS,maximum resolution 1280x800

  • 8/10/16/24bit parallel camera sensor interface

  • one 10/100 Ethernet,Support IEEE 1588 protocol

  • Support 1080p@60fps video playback

  • Switchable headset mode / phone mode

MY-R16-CB166 introduction

Hardware configuration

CPU R16 commercial grade
Memory DDR3/DDR3L 1GB Can Expandable to 2GB
Storage 8GB eMMC Compatible to 64GB

Power supply

5V input

Temperature range

working temperature

0°C ~ 80°C

Storage temperature

-40°C ~ 100°C

Operating system support


  • Linux-3.4.39


  • Android 4.4(Use the Linux-3.4.39 kernel)

Hardware default interface

Display module LVDS 2 way 8bit mode
Camera CSI 1 way 8bit mode
Ethernet USB to Ethernet 1 way 100M
Audio Audio 1way ADC/DAC,HI-FI
PCI Express PCI Express 1way Gen 2.0
storage SD/MMC Card 3way 1/4bit
USB USBOTG 1way 480M high speed
USBHOST 2way 480M high speed
UART UART 6way up to 4.0 Mbps
PWM PWM 2way Optional configuration 4way