Application case analysis of core board of mingyuanzhirui rk3399

It is said that the sharing economy is the mirror of the mass quality. After the baptism of the market in recent years, the sharing economy is basically in a state of gradual contraction. Without it, the human loss rate is too high! Shared shelves are a living example of this!

With the development of technology, there is a new type of vending machine! It can be understood as a derivative of shared shelves, but it is essentially a compromise between traditional cold and fresh cabinets and vending machines, which has gradually become popular in many places!

Intelligent vending cabinet becomes a new favorite

According to the current situation of the market, the current unmanned retail market can be basically divided into three tracks, namely, the unmanned store, the unmanned shelf and the unmanned counter.

Compared with the three, the self-service container may be a more mature track in the field of self-service retail. Compared with the unmanned store, the distribution cost is lower, and the goods damage rate can be reduced compared with the unmanned shelf, and the scene application is more abundant, not limited to the office, but also in the airport, the railway station, the living quarter and other public occasions, with more market prospects.

The appearance of the vending machine is also various and beautiful. According to the freight way, it can be divided into snake shaped freight way, spring freight way, crawler freight way and multi door lattice cabinet.

For example, the serpentine fairway mainly sells bottles and cans of drinks, the spring fairway is mainly for small pre packaged commodities, and the crawler fairway is mainly for some boxed or fixed shaped commodities that can stand stably. The common point is to pay first and then ship, and take the goods from the anti-theft port.

Advantages: high safety performance, no theft. The machine has many additional functions. For example, it can play advertisements with large screen, and it can dock with various systems to realize other functions.

Application of mingyuanzhirui rk3399 in vending machine

Mingyuan Zhirui my-rk3399-cb314, with six core 64 bit arm processor, large and small core structure, dual core cortex-a72 (up to 1.8GHz) + four core cortex-a53 (up to 1.4GHz), built-in low power MCU Cortex-M0, four core mali-t860 GPU, es1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, OpenGL, openvg11.1, OpenCL and Dx11, and AFBC (frame buffer compression), can be used for vending machine.

The core board also has rich video interfaces, such as EDP, HDMI, Mipi, LVDS. It can realize the same display and different display of two screens. Support 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps Ethernet; support the WiFi Bluetooth integrated module of SDIO interface, can realize remote control and other functions, greatly conducive to the wireless and intelligent research and development process of the Internet of things smart home system.