Application of the core board of Mingyuan Zhirui i.mx6ull in smart home

Nowadays, the trend of smart home is becoming more and more popular, which is the embodiment of IOT under the influence of Internet. Through the Internet of things technology, all kinds of home appliances and equipment (such as audio and video equipment, lighting system, curtain control, air conditioning control, security system, digital cinema system, audio and video server, shadow cabinet system, network appliances, etc.) will be gathered together to provide home appliance control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control , infrared forwarding, programmable timing control and other functions and means.
Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function, but also has the building, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, providing a full range of information interaction functions, and even saving various energy costs.

Smart home block diagram

Smart home system helps users enjoy life easily.
When going out, users can remotely control all intelligent systems of home through telephone and computer

For example, turn on the air conditioner and water heater at home in advance before going home; when going home and opening the door, the system will automatically turn on the aisle light with the help of the door magnetic or infrared sensor, open the electronic door lock at the same time, remove the security and open the lighting lamps and curtains at home; when going home, use the remote control to easily control various electrical equipment in the room, which can be selected through the intelligent lighting system The preset lighting scene creates a comfortable and quiet study while reading; the romantic lighting atmosphere is created in the bedroom All of these, the host can sit on the sofa and operate calmly. A controller can remote control everything in the home, such as drawing curtains, draining water to the bath and automatically heating and adjusting the water temperature, adjusting the status of curtains, lights and sound; the kitchen is equipped with a video phone, cooking while answering and calling or checking the visitors at the door; when working in the company, the situation at home can also be shown It is displayed on the computer or mobile phone of the office and can be viewed at any time; the door machine has the function of taking photos and taking photos. If there is a visitor when there is no one at home, the system will take photos for the owner to come back and inquire

Simple installation, scalability, practical and convenient.

Application of core board of Mingyuan Zhirui i.mx6ull

Based on NXP (NXP) imx6ull, mingyuanzhirui my-imx6-cb140 is a high efficiency and cost-effective application processor series, which adopts a single arm cortex-a7 core, with the main frequency up to 900 MHz, and can be applied to smart home systems. The core board also has rich interfaces, such as UART, I2C, SPI and ADC. WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Ethernet, display and camera sensors can be realized. It can fully meet the relevant interface requirements of smart home, integrate the visual intercom, unlocking, security operation, information release, remote meter reading, home intelligent control and other functions into one through the serial port connection of the baseboard, which is greatly conducive to the wireless and intelligent research and development process of the Internet of things smart home system.